Solutions at the intersection of digital marketing, technology and analytics for Business to increase profit and for Marketers to simplify their work.


Thoughtful, structured, reasonable, conscious.

Our solutions work best for sites with traffic from 300,000 sessions per month.


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We are [shema] – the team with considerable experience in online strategy, performance marketing, analytics, process design, custom IT solutions development.


We offer:

1/ Digital Promotion

We develop digital strategy and tactics. We launch and support PPC campaigns on ROI (performance) and Reach in Google Ads, Facebook and other advertising platforms.

2/ DATA & Analytics

We set up Web analytics and clear reporting. We collect, process and visualize data.

3/ Technology & Development

We automate PPC, create custom IT solutions (data streaming, chat bots, scripts, etc.).


What are we guided by:

1/ Structured process

Clearly organized process. We are as specific and transparent as possible. We forecast KPIs, create understandable reports, and you always know what tasks we are working on in this sprint.

2 / Automation

Using technology whenever possible, instead of manual work. Before starting the task, we brainstorm how it is possible to complete the task x10 times faster.

3 / Benefit and Courage

We do tasks that carry value. And money. We are not afraid of incomprehensible and “impossible” tasks. And usually, after little brainstorming, we find several solutions.


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