We are SHEMA – the team with considerable experience in online strategy, performance marketing, analytics, process design, custom IT solutions development. We help our partners make the best decisions in digital marketing.


> For developing eCommerce and other projects in digital,

> who are not happy with typical digital agencies,

> we are a smart cloud team,

> which provides consulting and advanced solutions

> at the intersection of digital marketing, analytics and, technology.


Unlike other typical agencies, we offer thoughtful solutions and a structured approach.



What are we guided by:


1/ Structured processes. Maximum specific and do only useful actions.

2/ Automation. Use of technology at any opportunity, instead of manual labor. Before we get down to the task, we think how we can accomplish the task x10 times faster.

3/ Benefit. We do tasks that give value.


We work with startups, direct clients and agencies as well.



Contact us:

✉️ inbox@shema.team  |  💬 m.me/ShemaTeam   |   [Fill the form]