Google Ads script for advert price updating ⚡ – [shema]


To cut the long story short

Showing the actual price in adverts is the age-old problem in PPC. In this blog post you’ll find the script that works with small accounts up to 20k groups based on Google Spreadsheets data capable of updating the price without advert remoderation. 

Who will find it useful

Small web stores and anyone who wants to have actual price in Google Ads adverts with automatic update. 

In case you have a big account, this article isn’t for you. At [shema] team we’ve designed a separate solution to change the price using API. Now you have no limits and it’s possible to change the price even for the whole MCC.

How to use 

The script is available here.

What’s next:

1/ Copy the chart from the link page.

2/  Fill in the fields: company name, advert group name, price. 

3/  Launch with daily cycle. 

4/ Remember to update prices in the chart in time. 


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