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Automate or die trying! Here at [shema] team we definitely step up for the first approach. This script will be helpful in solution of different tasks you face, so let’s consider its work based on the example of Google Ads balance mailing. 

Who will find it useful 

Anyone who needs to send any information from Google Sheets to email when certain event sets in. It’s helpful for marketers, PPC specialists, and anyone who strives to automate their mundane tasks. 

How to use 

1/ Create a new script in Google Spreadsheets file that is the source of the info to be sent (Tools > Script editor):

Script Editor in Google Sheets

2/ Copy and paste the script from our github.


3/ Fill in the fields:

3.1 / ID – the source Sheet identifier, find in the URL: 

Google Spreadsheets ID

3.2 / EMAIL – enter the email address where the data will be sent. Example: «»

3.3 / RANGE – an array of cells that include the data to be sent to the email. Examole: “KPI!C10:E11”, where KPI stands for the sheet name, C10:E11 is the array of cells

3.4 / сheck – the cell that includes the event which is a matter of checking (see below). Example: KPI!E11:E11

3.5 / text – subject of the letter.

3.6 / add the event into the line below:

if (SpreadsheetApp.openById(ID).getRangeByName(check).getValues()<100){ //condition

In this example it is given that any value in the cell below that is less than 100 will initiate the letter sending. 

The event that initiates data sending from Google Spreadsheets to email

4/ Set up the timer for script operation: 

How to set up the timer for script operation — Step 1
How to set up the timer for script operation — Step 2

After all the events will be fulfilled you will get a letter with the data array on your email. It will look like this: 

Letter example from Google Spreadsheets / [shema]

We’d like to remind that you can set up any event and send any values. In case you need some help, feel free to contact us ? 


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